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White-or-clear-christmas-lights, each year, in living rooms and home-goods stores across the country the same battle unfolds: white or multi-colored lights? the battles are contentious with husbands and wives, neighbors and .... By far the most popular choice among decorators, white or clear christmas lights provide a versatile canvas for heirloom ornaments or a well-coordinated theme., most christmas tree decorators will tell you to put 1 strand of 100 non-blinking white or clear christmas lights on your tree for every foot height, so if you have a 6 foot tall christmas tree, you should use 6 strands of christmas lights. a designer tip to make your christmas tree really sparkle, add 2 or 3 times as many lights..

In order to make your gold christmas tree sparkle, you must add many white or clear christmas lights. here is an interior designer tip - even if your christmas tree is pre-lit, you can still add more christmas lights for extra drama. if your christmas tree is green, make sure to get green wire christmas lights., 50 clear christmas tree mini lights, 2.5" spacing, white wire. i have had a really hard time locating 50 light, white wire lights with female outlet on end.. Use white or clear christmas lights. these are always fun, you can spread these out all around your house and on your deck/patio for a better nighttime feeling. set up a small table outside to hold the drinks and food. for my party i didn't use the traditional 'chips and dip.' but i did use marshmellow bunnies also known as, peeps. the pastry cooks made a delectable multiple raspberry ..., drape white or clear christmas lights around trees, or around the frame of your house. the gentle twinkle of white lights will instantly add a touch of magic to the winter landscape, and make your home seem warm and inviting. in addition, solar powered lights lining your walkway will ensure that potential buyers will make it safely to your door if they're viewing the property after dusk..

You will need: *one or more strings of white or clear christmas lights (i used a string labeled as "patio lights" that only had 10 bulbs) *sheets of medium to heavy weight colored paper (12"x12" sqaures work well) *two sheets of 8.5"x11" printer paper *tape *scissors *glue *ruler *pencil *nail